Watarai Co,Ltd.

1-7-10, Shinhamacho, Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture Phone: +81-22-364-0301

Details of business

Fishing business

WATARAI Co., Ltd. was established as a fishery company in 1921. We built a new coastal trawler, Koshin Maru No. 11, and launched it on May 20, 2020. At present, we operate the trawler to land fish by inshore fishing.

Koshin Maru No. 11
Koshin Maru No. 11
Name of ship Koshin Maru No. 11
Type of ship Coastal trawler
Gross tonnage 105 tons
Fishing waters In the Japanese neighboring waters such as off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture and Kinkasan Island
Major fish caught Thornyhead Rockfish, squid, conger eel, Japanese paste shrimp (raw material for fish paste), etc. (They are sorted on the boat and transported to harbor in a chilled condition for landing.)

Sale of raw materials

Our company has its roots in fishery. We have stably purchased and sold high-quality raw fish based on the know-how we have acquired over the years by operating our own fishing boats in the world’s oceans as well as the latest information from our partner companies and personal network.

Fish we deal with

Imported fish

Pacific cod, Pacific Ocean perch, Atka mackerel, Greenland halibut, Arrowtooth Flounder, mackerel (Norway, Iceland), Thornyhead Rockfish, Shortraker, Rock Sole, flathead sole, Rex Sole, yellowfin sole, Northern demersal fish in general

Domestic fish

Mackerel, Japanese flying squid, conger eel, yellowtail


Safe and reliable food production at the HACCP-certified factory

Our factory has an HACCP-certified production line installed, where the primary processing of raw materials and the production of end products are conducted. Through the thorough hygiene control and inspection system, we deliver safe and reliable products to customers.

Sale of products

Delivering products manufactured at our factories to customers

Under the motto of “From the World’s Oceans to Your Table”, we have made efforts to manufacture products in line with the viewpoints of customers through the processes of fishing and development/manufacturing/sale of products.

For sustainable fishery, we acquired MSC certification which is a marine ecolabel.

The MSC label is given to marine products that have been caught while protecting the aquatic resources and the marine environment. When customers select marine products with this label on them, it will support the fishermen and producers who have made strict efforts to prevent overfishing. For sustainable fishery, we acquired the MSC certification which is a marine ecolabel.
MSC labelled Fish…Pacific cod, Rock Sole, Arrowtooth Flounder (As of May 2017)

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