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Storage by freezing

Watarai Reizo Co., Ltd.

The inside temperature of all F1-class refrigerators is always controlled at -27°C to -28°C.
Set as refrigerators directly connected to the factories for materials to be processed and products

Bonded warehouse

Cargo from overseas can be stored in this warehouse without import formalities.
A bonded warehouse is one type of bonded area and can provide storage for a longer time (two years) compared to designated bonded areas or bonded sheds. It is intended for the temporary storage of overseas cargo and export to overseas and for the temporary storage of imported cargo from overseas and transfer to inside or outside of the prefecture.

NewTonR, which is a state-of-the-art high-efficiency freezing machine using a natural refrigerant and is friendly to the earth to cope with global warming

WATARAI Head Office Factory
High-efficiency freezing machine using the natural refrigerant started operation in 2017

NewTonR was developed in pursuit of coping with global warming and increase of efficiency in the industrial refrigeration equipment sector. We introduced the non-CFC freezing machine using a natural refrigerant (an indirect cooling system for CO2 using the natural refrigerant, ammonia, which does not contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming) in January 2017.

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