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Strengths of WATARAI

The origin of our strengths lies in fishery!

WATARAI Co., Ltd. was established as a “fishery company” in 1921. We owned our own fishing boats and fished all over the world, mainly around the USA and Europe. Especially, with American fishery companies, we have jointly fished and established a strong partnership. We still keep the connection with the American companies with which we have jointly fished and buy raw fish such as “Pacific cod, Pacific Ocean perch, Arrowtooth Flounder, etc.” from them preferentially over other trading companies. We can communicate directly with the local fishery companies or ship owners to get information on fishing sea areas and fishing time so that we can buy raw fish. This is one of the “Strengths of WATARAI”.

WATARAI's Pacific cod

Quick freezing is vital.

  1. 1. Quick freezing on board
    1. Quick freezing on board
  2. 2. Packing
    2. Packing
  3. 3. After thawing
    3. After thawing

We deal with raw fish frozen on board, mainly fish caught by longline fishing. A quick freezer is used to freeze fish (at -30 to -40°C) in a short time on board, so that the caught fish can be preserved as fresh as possible without destroying its cells. In the “on-board fish freezing” operation, the processes of fishing, blood extraction, head cutting, removal of viscera, sorting and freezing are smoothly conducted without delay to prevent the deterioration of freshness.

Inspection by employees

Based on the experience as a fishery company, we carefully select and purchase raw fish from the overseas fishery companies with which we have been in partnership for many years. It is not possible, however, to grasp all the states on board. Therefore, whenever we purchase fish, our experienced employees conduct site investigations and inspect the freshness and quality of fish at the time of entry into port. Purchased fish is then used to make products.

Raw fish and product lineup

We purchase raw fish by kind, and we can offer various products based on size composition from large to small size. We produce 5 kg of salted cod fillets (other specs available by consultation), small cod fillets, 70 to 90 g of salted cod portion, and skinless products in summer (by consultation), so that we can provide a stable supply and planned selling.

WATARAI's Pacific Ocean perch

We deal with Pacific Ocean perch from the USA, which has dusky patterns around the dorsal fin in contrast to Redfish. Also, Redfish has 5 to 7% of crude fat, while Pacific Ocean perch from the USA has about 10 to 15% of crude fat, which provides an exquisite soft and flaky texture and deliciousness after cooking.

Our selected fishing sea areas

Generally, Pacific Ocean perch from the USA is darker than Redfish and discolors more quickly, and so on. Thus, concerning Pacific Ocean perch from the USA, only the demerits tend to be emphasized.
In some sea areas, however, Pacific Ocean perch from the USA that not only has a high crude fat rate but is as clear red as Redfish can be caught.

Characteristics of Pacific Ocean perch by sea area

● Bering Sea area: Good color, mainly M to 2S sizes, fatty
● Aleutian sea area: Good color, mainly L/M/S sizes, very fatty
● The Golf of Alaska: Typical Pacific Ocean perch from the USA, characterized by dark dots

Of course, WATARAI offers Pacific Ocean perch from Bering and Aleutian sea areas!!

Our selected specs of raw fish

  1. 1. Catches
    1. Catches
  2. 2. Quick freezing on board
    2. Quick freezing on board
  3. 3. Packing
    3. Packing

Even if fresh raw fish is procured, the enemy of colored fish such as Pacific Ocean perch is discoloration due to oxidation.
We request the ship owners who are our partners to put all the raw fish only for our company in an inner package (double-ply bag) to prevent oxidative discoloration caused by freezing and cold air in storage. Therefore, the color of our Pacific Ocean perch from the USA is different from that sold by other companies.

WATARAI has made efforts to carefully handle raw fish in order to manufacture safe and reliable products. If you have any inquiries about products, please consult us.
We would appreciate your continued patronage of our products.
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